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Roman Catholic Parish Church of Beregovo/Beregszász

The three-nave Roman Catholic Parish Church situated on the right bank of creek Vérke is the oldest monument of Beregovo/Beregszász; its founders were probably Saxons settled in by Géza II in the 12th century. However, only a few corbels have remained from this church – these are built in above the right gate of today’s church. The Tatars invading Transcarpathia burnt down and destroyed the church in 1241. The present church was built in 1418 during the reign of King Sigismund (1387-1337). 

The Bethlen Castle - Museum of Bereg region

The Museum of Bereg region is located at the beginning of the Bethlen street next to the Roman Catholic Church in the building of the former Bethlen castle.

We can learn from the stone table on its eastern facade that Gábor Bethlen, Prince of Transylvania, built it in 1629. After the change of regime, the Beregovo Vocational Secondary School was placed in it. In 2002, several rooms were designated for the Beregovo Regional Museum in the wing of the building right from the entrance. The rich collection of the museum presents the eventful thousand-year-old history of the former Bereg County,the tragic turns and the freedom struggle of the peoples living here – Hungarians, Ruthenians and other nationalities. For more info click HERE!

Ferenc Rákóczi II Transcarpathian Hungarian College of Higher Education

The Kossuth Square is the most beautiful square in Beregovo/Beregszász. It has evolved over many centuries. The Reformed Church was built here, the most beautiful, elegant shops of the city, the court and the former Grand Royal Hotel were also situated here. The most impressive building of the square is the building of the former court, which currently hosts Ferenc Rákóczi II Transcarpathian Hungarian College. The two-storey eclectic block was inaugurated in 1909.

Area of Beregovo/Beregszász

The Mukachevo/Munkácsi Castle

It is the most famous and most beautiful historical monument in Transcarpathia, which is being visited every year by more and more tourist groups – especially from Hungary – and it is situated only 20 km from the start of the race.

The castle, having been recently renovated and professionally restored, is one of the most famous and interesting sights of the countryside. Owing to the history of its formation, construction, development, the Tatar hordes, the fight against the Turks, its outstanding role played in the war of independence led by Ferenc Rákóczi II and in the Hungarian War of Independence of 1848-49, it deserves to be visited if one has the opportunity to do so.


If you can afford, please support activities of Hungarian Interchurch Aid’s Beregszász/Beregovo center with your donation in order we can help more families through providing them foodstuffs, firewood and child development programs!

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